Hazardous Waste Pollution And Its Effects On Human Health And The Environment

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Each presentation discussed very relevant topics. Each was presented in ways that worked for each group. The topic presented were Hazardous waste, Noise Pollution, Peru and Lead, Carbon Monoxide and Radon, Water Pollution and Access to Clean Water. Hazardous waste has a great impact on human health and the environment. Hazardous waste is a serious issue and it is often disposed inappropriately. There are rules and regulations that should control the regulation of hazardous waste. A few examples of this are the Land Disposal Restriction Program, Toxic Substance Control Act, Management Standards for Pharmaceuticals, and Import and Export Requirements. Boston Harbor was known as the dirtiest harbor in America. The cleanup of this harbor was a great achievement especially for the environment. When it comes to environmental it is essential that it is kept away from groundwater and landfills and in our environment. Noise Pollution is excessive amount of noise in the environment. Noise may not seem like a great problem, but when it is excessive and loud it can cause health concerns. There are different sources of pollution which are industrialization, Poor Urban Planning, Social Planning, Social Events, Transportation, and Construction Activities. Noise pollution can cause hearing impairment, interference with spoken communication, sleep disturbance and have cardiovascular effects such as increase blood pressure and heart rate. Noise also has an effect on wildlife. Animals can…

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