Eminem's Relapse Analysis

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Have you ever had déjà vu? If you have not the feeling can be quite uncomfortable at times. The feeling of reliving a moment or even a day that you had either dreamt of or actually experienced step by step previously. Well, Marshall Mathers III, also known as Eminem, captures one intense and eerie déjà vu moment while giving his readers a vivid picture of his frightening relapse. Marshall expresses the fear, confusion, anger and mental instability of a haunting drug addiction.
In 2009 Eminem released his relapse album dedicated it to the loose of his close friend Deshaun that went by the name of D12. After this death Marshall fell into a deep depression that caused his dangerous relapse in self-medication and almost his death. Marshall had
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But I can’t and I won’t say I tried but I know that’s a lie cause I don’t. And why? I just don’t know…”. Letting the reader become aware of not only his confusion within his addiction and his want to escape from his horrors but the complications he faces in trying to overcome his sickness. As you continue to read Marshall compares the horrors of addiction to “The devil in my ear” as a way to help the reader better understand the nightmare that drug addiction plays on a drug abusers mental state. In an Anita Sharma’s 2015 Journal (Personality profile of alcoholics, drug addicts and normal) she states, “The narcotic drug addicts are more anxious, more neurotic, more emotional and more extroverted then non-users of drugs.” You can clearly see these instabilities throughout Marshall’s poem when he continues to say, “Sometimes I feel so alone, I just don’t know, feels like I been down this road before. So lonely and cold. It’s like something takes over me, soon as I go home and close the door.” Here you can see the relation to Anita Sharma’s journal by the sense of emotional and anxious state Marshall paints for you by expressing how he feels with “so lonely and cold” and as you continue to read you can sense his anxiousness by is worry of going home and being taken over by what he refers to …show more content…
Marshall gives life to this poem by enhancing the overall energy and message that Eminem is trying to make his reader understand through the scares and mindset of a drug addicts relapse. Marshall’s voice in this vivid Déjà vu that he has brought the intensity of the drug addiction to life when he helps the reader understand that it is him against his demons saying, “Maybe just a nice cold brew what’s a beer? That’s the devil in my ear I been sober a fucking year. And that fucker still talks to me he is all I can fucking hear. Marshall, come on, we’ll watch the game it’s the Cowboys and Buccaneers.” Marshalls voice captures the deep horrors of relapse that many people may only know of if they have ever suffered from drug addiction. He is the addict and voice that suffers from the illness of self-medication. In James Gamble 2016 (JHHSA Proofs page 145 of an Overview of the Efficacy of the 12-step Group Therapy for Substance Abuse Treatment) article states, “More specifically, this study aimed to address the connection between group differences in depression; and also whether 12-Step attendance reduced overall depression in patients.” Marshall brings to life the intensity of his depression

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