Hatred Vs Indifference Analysis

Almost without a doubt Indifference is worse than Hatred, Hatred can be fought against a total lack of any thought, compassion... it's like fighting with a bunch of soft pillows; Nothing much is accomplished, other than spewing feathers about the place ,Indifference is far worse than "hate". If one "hates", they still feel something. They still feel strongly enough to care enough to "hate". Hate takes lots of energy, thought and feelings. When a person is indifferent. They simply do not care. There are not enough feelings present to even muster up to "feel" anything about someone/something.

To be indifferent, one no feelings at all.Indifference is silent and undetectable until it is provoked, then overtime,explodes.Anger and
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Many people consider that anger and hatred are the worst human attributes. The truth is that indifference is an even worse human attribute because it has no emotion, no expression and no response. In Elie Wiesel’s “Peril of Indifference”, Wiesel states, “Anger can be creative. One writes a great poem, a great symphony…But indifference is never creative. Even hatred at times may elicit a response. You fight it. You denounce it. You disarm it...Indifference is not a response.” (Wiesel, 2). As a result, indifference is more frightful than anger and hatred because it does not give victims a chance to express themselves. Then they will feel abandoned and forgotten. In addition, many people also believe that anger and hatred are the utmost symbol of evilness. Although many people believe so, indifference can even lead good people to do nothing in the face of evil. In Hotel Rwanda, the cameraman makes it clear to Paul that people in the Western world would apathetically watch the news and move on with their lives. Being indifferent is therefore more severe than people who hate and angry because it also leads good people in the Western world to do nothing to stop the horrific atrocities Moreover, indifference has the greatest indirect impact on society. One may firmly believe that anger and hatred cause the most violence in this world. No, that is certainly not true. Indifference can reveal the cruelty of a society …show more content…
Indifference is an undetectable bomb which will explode at anytime or anywhere. Hence, it is more dangerous than anger and hatred. If everyone becomes apathetic, there will be more atrocities. If nobody stands up for victims, then the victims will continue to be hurt and brutalized. A society should never turn its back on the countries that are involved in war. It should build more organizations such as a genocide education and prevention organization in order to raise the awareness of the dangers of indifference. In that case indifference could be worse. It kind of shows a loss in humanity. Through hatred, no matter how it's conceived, still shows emotion, so the individual still 'feels' strongly...no matter how flawed the judgment cannot be. That said, given the hatred towards an individual or a group, i would, myself prefer to be indifferent only for the idea that through hatred you can cause harm to another rather than considered a neutral party.Indifference, unfortunately shows the loss of what makes humans human.It is a concept from childhood. Small children being neglected die of "hospitalism" or develop violent behavior. In this early set up "hate" at least is some kind of attention when "love" is impossible to be received. Later individuals more or less learn that neither survival nor happiness depends from the attention of one single individual. Then the mechanism disappears. In

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