Harper Lee And Mark Of The Striped Pajamas Essay

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Authors Harper Lee and Mark Herman have utilised the nature of innocence in children in order to expose cruelty and evil in the adult world through various techniques, ideas, and visions. Whilst the techniques of symbolism, irony, and narrative perspective are employed throughout both texts, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas also relies on music and sound effects. To Kill a Mockingbird was published in 1960 and has since become a classic of modern American literature. The novel’s plot and characters are loosely inspired by Harper Lee’s observations of her family and neighbours. An event that took place within her hometown’s community in 1936 when she was approximately ten years old also influenced her writing. The novel addresses serious and controversial issues including racial injustice and the destruction of innocence, however the masterpiece is renowned for its warmth and humour. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas was produced as a drama/war film in 2008, following the novel which was published in 2006. The heart-rending World War II story is told through the innocent eyes of Bruno, the young son of the commandant at a concentration camp. Bruno’s secret friendship with a Jewish boy named Schmuel who is trapped on the other side of the camp fence results in in unexpected and irreversible consequences. The reputable film addresses themes including innocence, friendship, and human nature. Although both authors take the protagonist to develop dominant themes, the nature of…

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