Happiness- Kant and Epicurus- Essay

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Name: Salma Moutaouakil Date: November, 16, 2009 Happiness: Kant and Epicurus

Happiness has always been a topic that attracted the attention of many great thinkers in the world. In fact, it is a very interesting topic for two main reasons. First, because it is one of the most important issue that concerns Human’s life and one of the crucial factor that determine his existence in the world, because it is commonly agreed that the greatest achievement of mortals is the seeking of happiness. Second, and the most intrigued part is that it makes in confrontation Human’s instinct and Human’s reason trying to figure out and to analyze which one of them has the bigger chance and potential to contribute in the achievement of happiness. In
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The Human being is composed of both a body and soul that are related to each others, this is why it is very logical and rational to say that both of them should be in a good condition in order to make their holders happy. It is true that the body and the mind play two different functions in the Human being, but each function is essential and crucial to the well being and the living of man. The role of the body is to keep track on the primordial physiological functions that are necessary to our living such as eating, breathing. The mind has another role which consists of thinking and analyzing the Human’s surroundings. Therefore, an individual cannot live without these two faculties assembled, and he will not be considered as a Human if he does not use his body and mind. In addition to this, the complementary between the body and the soul is essential because it creates a certain balance and equilibrium in the Human’s life in the way that if one of these is affected

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