Happiness Is An Activity Of The Soul Essay

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Happiness is not merely a simple emotion that a person can experience; it is a way of life that many try to attain through both material and non-physical ways. Arthur C. Brooks concludes that a person should “Love people, use things” and Aristotle counters this mindset by believing that “happiness is an activity of the soul” and while both persons consider that happiness is achieved, each individual has a different conclusion as to how to attain happiness. Although both Brooks and Aristotle agree that life is not about pleasure and physical monetary objects, they differ in the way to achieve happiness and how to apply it to life as Brooks advocates for the individual to be happy by denouncing worldly pleasures while Aristotle wants the greater mass to achieve happiness together through politics.
Arthur C. Brooks tries to create the argument that a person cannot live a happy life if they have a life that is ruled by unhappiness. One explanation Brooks provides for this is that people face the paradox throughout life where a person becomes addicted to an extrinsic goal and they “can’t live without it. But you can’t live with it, either” (Brooks). In the end those that have extrinsic goals have “negative emotions” (Brooks) that rule their life. Intrinsic goals propel someone to do something because they fundamentally enjoy it for internal reasons and for the experience while extrinsic goals have a broader end goal that can be achieved more easily. Intrinsic goals take time…

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