Happiness In Fahrenheit 451 Analysis

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The Dalia Lama said, “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” This quote explains happiness shows up due to actions made ones in life. In Ray Bradbury’s book Fahrenheit 451 most characters find happiness as a trait that is very hard to achieve. This is easily seen due to the amount of characters that are dull, boring, and depressed. Those characters efforts to create happiness are slim to none. In the book some characters achieved happiness from their own actions by creating knowledge, standing up for what you believe in, and getting rid of people who try to take away happiness in life. First, Montag and the Harvard Degrees find happiness during actions that create knowledge. The societies that Montag and the …show more content…
Once Montag realizes what the government is doing is wrong, he will stop at nothing to do what he thinks is right. Even if people close to him do not agree with him. Montag first understands that he will not make everyone happy when he tries explaining his new believes to Mildred saying, “Is it true, the world works while we play? Is that why were hated so much?” (Bradbury 70). Montag believes that whole town is angry or sad because the government considers the population as stupid, and thinking that they are worthless. Even Mildred disagrees with Montag, she believes that everything in life is just fine even though she suffers from depression. So Montage continues to rebel against the government by reading and hiding books. This lasts for quite a long time until the government catches on. With the major threat that Montag is becoming to the government, they makes sure everyone is keeping a look out for Montag. By having news casts follow him with reports that announce, “Look for a man running. . . Watch for the running man. . . Watch for a man alone on foot” (Bradbury 124). This proves that Montag is happy enough and smart enough to over throw the government by himself. The government now knows if the entire population follows the actions Montag took they would be no more. So immediately the government tries to seize and kill Montag. Sending the Mechanical …show more content…
This is why happiness is rare for people in the book Fahrenheit 451. Montag finds out that there is more to life than just sitting at home sad, but he still had to go home to this. Plus, when he went home nobody believes in him not even Mildred. This is why Montag felt no shame in not trying to help Mildred understanding she never even attempted to talk to him. Montage says, “Even if she dies, I realized moments ago, I don’t think I will feel sad”(Bradbury 118), the importance for Montag is leaving people who do not believe in him. This action is one that many people struggle with because they care to much about others opinions. Not caring what others think, say, or due to you will make most problems disappear. Like when Montag kills Beatty because he always doubts Montag’s abilities and never agrees with him. Montag kills Beatty and after he says to Beatty’s dead body, “You always said don’t face your problem. Burn it. Well now I’ve done both Good-Bye Captain” (Bradbury 118). Though this being a different way of letting go of somebody it still takes the same effects on Montag. It is one less person to worry about that can possibly destroy happiness. Two actions create the same outcome, so that is why this is a big reason to obtain happiness. By taking the sadness and non-believers out from around him, Montag is showing the final way he creates his

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