Happiness : Happiness And Happiness Essay

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Happiness is not something tangible we can grasp but yet it is what we all seek. We try to fulfill the feeling of happiness by buying materialistic commodities, hanging out with love ones, and even buying a pet, the list goes on different individuals have different expectations for happiness. Happiness changes over time it is never one stationary goal.
In Milhaly Csikszentmihalyi Happiness Revisited begins by explaining that we are no longer closer to finding happiness than twenty-three hundred years ago. The question then becomes how will humans figure out the concept of happiness and how can it be attained. He further adds that happiness is different for everyone and we find it in a wide variety of places. As a child happiness is seeing your father come home from work, playing with your toys or even eating dessert. Happiness changes as we age, the goal is always the same to be happy. When I was a teenager happiness was enjoying it with friends and having a wonderful evening with family. Now it is spending time with my daughter and loved ones, or going to an event like a concert. The first time for most individuals that they experience happiness is when they are first born and they hear their parents voice and they begin to smile, or it can be when they are still in the womb and they kick when daddy is around. Happiness is different depending on your background and where your social economic class falls. For people they are happy when they have food on their table to eat.…

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