Hamlet Soliloquies Analysis

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A soliloquy is when a character speaks his or her thoughts aloud; the other characters in the play can not hear it only the audience can. Shakespeare often has his characters speak in soliloquies. When a character speaks in soliloquies it lets the audience connect that character. Hamlet speaks in seven different soliloquies. Every soliloquy helps reveal a part of his character each time. They are essential to the play because they provide the opportunity to talk about something that can not be held in a normal conversation. Each soliloquy advances the plot, helps the reader or audience create an image towards the play as well as an atmosphere, and reveals Hamlet’s inner thoughts. In the play Hamlet he reveals his character through his 7 soliloquies. Hamlet’s first soliloquy “O that this too too sullied flesh would melt” …show more content…
Hamlet is speaking and acting a certain way, meanwhile he has a different feeling in his heart. Again, this shows his indecisiveness towards situations, he doesn’t know how he feels about certain things. Hamlet’s sixth soliloquy, “Now might I do it pat, now a’ is-praying” (3.3.73-96), is an important one in the concept of revealing his character as clever. This soliloquy was said when he was about to kill Claudius, but he was praying on his knees at the time. If Hamlet killed him when he was praying, Claudius would end up going to heaven. Hamlet did not want him going to heaven because he did not deserve that, since he killed Hamlet’s father he believed that he deserved to go to Hell as his punishment. Seeing as how Hamlet took the time to think about it, it shows how patient he is and how clever he could be at times. It also shows that he was very committed to his plan and he did not just want the plan to work, he wanted the outcome of it to be good as

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