Essay about Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

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Many scholars research Shakespeare’s plays to learn about him, his lifestyle, and the customs of that era. Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare in about 1599, is read and studied by nearly every student. Even though countless scholars have researched it, the play ultimately leaves them puzzled. Each person that has studied Hamlet has come up with a unique opinion and conclusion of the play. Although Graham Bradshaw and William Empson both have different views on the way Hamlet was written and the famous “Hamlet Problem”, William Empson has a more valid argument on the new play.
Graham Bradshaw, a professor at the University of St. Andrew in Scotland, considers that in order to understand some questions posed by Hamlet, we must first look at the play without the prince. Hamlet is a very long and intellectual play often described as “a series of tense and exciting movements” (Bradshaw). The play has a large amount of sexual quality not necessarily seen at this time. “Earlier critics had never attended so closely to the play 's 'sexual quality '’ (Bradshaw). For instance, Hamlet’s unusual attraction to what goes on in an “unseamed bed”, in addition to how a woman is always present when Hamlet goes crazy. This idea has been in the text forever, however, it had not been pointed out until recently. The atmosphere of the scenes changes frequently as well. The play begins with a sense of foreboding, then a large amount of tension followed by the climax. After the climax, the play…

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