Hamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay

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In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Shakespeare leaves many open ended thoughts and unanswered questions. One of the major wavering controversies is whether Hamlet, the heir to the throne, is in fact crazy or as he claims, putting “an antic disposition on” (Ham. 1.5.190-191). Even though many state he is truly mad, there are multiple evidential facts proving Hamlet’s honesty. Informational pieces to explain his true sanity include, why Hamlet would feign madness, admitting his sanity, and only acting insane around certain characters. Before explaining why Hamlet would purposefully act crazy during the play, one should understand his reasoning behind it. Even though the ghost claims to be King Hamlet who was killed by Claudius, Hamlet must still investigate to determine whether the ghost is truthful or not. Throughout the play, Hamlet proves to be very clever in examining his father 's murder by feigning madness. This allows access to the king and his people without drawing any suspicion. For example, in Act II, Scene ii after Polonius strikes a conversation with Hamlet in the lobby, he asks “Do you know me my lord?” (Ham. 2.2.189). Hamlet responds “Excellent well. You are a fishmonger” (Ham. 2.2.190), acting as if he is mistaking Polonius for someone who sells fish. He does this for two reasons, one to portray his weird sense of humor by calling Polonius an unimportant, smelly man who many people do not pay attention to. The other to trick Polonius into truly believing…

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