Essay on Hamlet By William Shakespeare 's Hamlet

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“Revenge his most foul and unnatural murder” (I, V, 28) says the Ghost in Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. With these words, Hamlet is given a mission from the Ghost to seek revenge for both the Ghost and himself for the death of his father. However, Hamlet “is assailed by self-doubt and self-blame” (Keyishian) and struggles with the morality of what has been commanded of him. Hamlet’s conscience knows that the revenge the Ghost has entrusted to him is immoral; despite knowing this, he carries out the revenge. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark is troubled by his father’s death and dislikes Claudius his uncle, who received the throne after the death of the elder Hamlet. Hamlet refers to his new father figure as “a little more than kin, and less than kind” (63) which illustrates the animosity felt by Hamlet. The Ghost plays on this to help convince Hamlet to undertake the revenge that will cleanse him of “...the foul crimes done in my days of nature” (88). Hamlet accepts this revelation at once and attempts to inquire about its veracity. Hamlet immediately announces, “I have sworn’t” (92) in his response to the Ghost. By not investigating the Ghost, Hamlet commits an error of omission; he fails to examine the myriad motivations of the Ghost and whether the Ghost may have come from the devil rather than purgatory. Indeed, “our bad wishes and uncharitable desires proceed no further than this Life; it is the Devil, and the uncharitable votes of Hell” (Skulsky) according to Sir Thomas…

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