Hamlet and Play Essay

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Hamlet Essay The act of revenge never fails to accomplish Shakespeare’s goal of keeping the audience in their seats. Hamlet, William Shakespeare’s most well written play carries the theme of revenge or redemption throughout the play. Redemption is defined to be as the desire to undo an injury or a wrongdoing. Many characters felt that they needed to redeem themselves however in doing so, they ended up facing death. For some characters, revenge had sprouted from their urges to redeem themselves. Revenge is defined as the desire to repay an individual for their injury or wrongdoing. A famous American novelist, John Irving has mentioned in work The World According to Garp, that it is a life-redeeming work in which everybody dies. Hamlet, …show more content…
By the end of the play, Laertes faced death while he was seeking redemption. As per Hamlet, Gertrude was seen as a mother who had betrayed her previous husband, King Hamlet by marrying Claudius a few months after King Hamlet’s death. Gertrude did not take Hamlet’s feeling into consideration after remarrying with Claudius showing that Instead, she forces Hamlet to accept Claudius as his father, which shows that she only thinks about herself; she is selfish. Gertrude wasn’t hesitant in telling Claudius that it was Hamlet who killed Polonius. She was willing to betray her own son by further convincing Claudius that Hamlet was mad. By doing so, Claudius began planning on “sending [Hamlet] away”, which Gertrude agreed to (4.3.8). However, it seems that by the end of the play Gertrude has a realization this entire time it was Claudius who was really against her and not Hamlet. She dies by crying out “Oh, my dear Hamlet!” (5.2.305). It seems that Hamlet forgives her because instead of ignoring her death he was furious and he wanted to know he had killed her. Gertrude redeems herself by the end of the play but unfortunately she was killed by the end of the play. Fortinbras, the son of Old Fortinbras had a goal of attaining all the lands that was lost against King Hamlet. He aims to redeem the death of his father and Norway’s honour by taking over Denmark. Even though Fortinbras

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