Hamlet And Its Impact On The Young Prince Essay

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In English literature, many authors implement specific surroundings, whether physical or not, in their works to not only affect their characters, but also to illuminate the overall significance of the work. As Pauline Hopkins, Contending Forces, wrote, “Our surroundings influence our lives and characters as much as fate, destiny or any supernatural agency.” Similar to destiny, which none can escape and all must eventually accept as their path of life, the surroundings used in literature entrap its characters to their predetermined fates. Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, provides evidence to this claim through the story of a young Prince Hamlet, who is forced into a life undesired because of the habitat he was born too. In response to his situation, Hamlet retaliates by separating himself from society and searches for his place in the world. By examining the sociological environment Shakespeare develops in Hamlet and its impact on the young Prince, one can find that through isolation, Hamlet embraces his destiny. The play begins with what could be classified as the pinnacle of the story: King Hamlet’s murder. Following the incident, young Hamlet grieves his father but is expected by society to seek vengeance, because of the sociological perspective created by Shakespeare, which can be seen through Fortinbras, the Prince of Norway. Before his death, Old Hamlet fought against the King of Norway (father of Fortinbras), defeated him, and acquired lands from Norway. Now in…

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