Haiku: Different Types Of Poetry

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There are many different types of poetry. Millions of people around the world have either written or read about one. Many poets have written and express their feelings in their work. People are using poetry as a way to express what they want to say in a short or long form of literature. It can also be a good way in calming yourself down if you are going through a bad time in your life. Haiku is an example of this type of poetry. The interesting part of Haiku is that it has a unique form that is different from others, which was created in Japan but later spread around the world. Haiku has a very unique and interesting form that separates it from other forms of poetry. According to Addiss, “Haiku are usually defined as poems of five-seven-five syllables with seasonal references” (vii). This means in order for a poem to be called a haiku they have to be three lines and the first and last lines have to get five syllables and the second line have to include seven syllables. The total amount of syllables at the end of each haiku has to be seventeen if they are more or less than seventeen then it would not be called a haiku. An example of a Haiku according to Addiss “ Old Pond paved over, Into …show more content…
There can be short or long pieces of literature. Haiku originated in Japan but later spread around the world. Also, it is becoming one of the most popular pieces of poetry. It is becoming popular because it is easy to learn, which makes it very easy to read. Poets are inspiring young kids and up and coming poets with great works and different themes. Also it is taught in school which helps young kids to learn and write haiku. This is helpful because it gives them more creative inspiration when they are working on their haiku. Additionally, with the five-seven-five syllables it gives you guidelines so you know if you are going over the syllables limit or

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