Mr Nigger The Challenge Of Education Of Black Males Analysis

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The Struggle of Growing up a Black Man “Mr. Nigger: The Challenge of Educating Black Males” is an article written by Toby Jenkins. In this article, Jenkins discusses the difficulties that African American boys face growing up in today’s society. Jenkins gives the reader a background by talking about the conditions that families faced during slavery times; he then links this connection to how it affects the family units of today. Jenkins then continues on with how the family unit affects how African American boys develop psychologically and academically. The purpose of this essay is to give information about some of the problems that black males experience while they are growing up, so that we can fix them for the generations to come.
The main conclusions of the article of are that the hardships that African American families experienced during slavery still affect them to this day, that drugs have a numbing effect on children growing up in drug-addicted households (Jenkins), how social and physical environments affect the way a black boy sees himself, how violent and criminal acts steer the boys down terrible paths, and how African American males do not
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This article is important for the information that it gives. People need to read this article, so society and the educational system can make better choices when coming to the education of black men. The way that the title of the article is setup, it makes it seem like all these boys would ever be mainly known for was being black. While reading this article, there was hope that background would be give and that facts would be proven and that after all the education the black males received, people would finally see how smart they could be; this was not the case. The case was that even after goals are achieved, Black males will always be seen as “black males” before anything

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