Group Identity In The Film Crackerjack

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How does the comedic presenter Mick Molloy employ a range of language techniques to create a sense of group identity in the film Crackerjack? Consider the age, ethnicity, geography, social status and gender of the individuals involved in the interaction in your analysis.
In the film Crackerjack, the presenter Mick Molloy is able to successfully entertain and engage a group of people through carefully selecting language techniques. Molloy caters his language according to age, ethnicity, geography, social status and interests. The group of people that Crackerjack focuses on is the people who enjoy Lawn Bowls and the members that might not know how to bowl who want to develop their game. The social context of Crackerjack is shown through Mick
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The geography of Crackerjack takes place in Australia and the audience views this film from around the world. Although the presenter Molloy speaks in an understandable Australian accent, it is evident that he does have an Australian speaking background. Examples of this in Crackerjack show Molloy stating the rhyme “Number ten, um stab me in the eye with a ball-point pen” and the exaggerated accent in the phrase, “Remember, this is a game of skill, touch and patience. A true revealer of character.” These quotes appeal to certain members of the audience who are watching Crackerjack in Australia that speak the same accent as the presenter and can fully understand the things that are being said and learnt throughout the film. Whereas, the other members of the audience who live on the other side of the world may struggle to understand the things that are being said and question whether this film should be relevant to the Lawn Bowls …show more content…
There are certain stereotypes that the audience might expect in the film such as drinking, smoking culture and mateship associated in the Australian bowling community. Inclusive language and Aussie slang is used providing a snapshot of stereotypical bowling culture, with Molloy explaining to his teammates “They’re not balls they’re bowls. And to tell you the truth it was pretty civilised actually, smoke like a chimney, the booze was cheap, the food’s free and at the end of the day not much chance of doing a hammy”. The viewers of Crackerjack expect to be educated and have their knowledge broadened by not just having a roll, but by participating in the game of Lawn Bowls. The audience should expect to be entertained and kept interested with the storyline that Molloy is demonstrating, so people do not think the film is difficult to understand and leave to watch another movie franchise that is based on a similar storyline. Molloy makes the audience educated, entertained and interested by using understandable actions. An example of this in Crackerjack is when the club president Len claims that “The thing you need to know about this club is its all hands on deck”. Molloy also expresses his vision about the things the club need to achieve by saying “I can understand your resistance to all this Len, your club does have a

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