Gregor Samsa 's The Metamorphosis Essay

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Gregor Samsa conveys to the reader that, “He could not be bothered to worry about his family; he was filled with rage at their miserable treatment of him” (Part III). This indicates that internal changes occurred within the family which caused Gregor to feel this way about them. Although Gregor undergoes the main metamorphosis in the novella The Metamorphosis, two secondary characters also transform throughout the story and they have a major influence on the story and develop crucial themes. These two characters are Gregor’s sister, Grete, and his father, Mr. Samsa. Grete’s metamorphosis comes in the form of how her attitude changes toward Gregor. Mr. Samsa’s revolution centers on how he views work and having a job. Grete’s drastic transformation is in how her attitude and feelings change toward Gregor. This concept is developed throughout the entire story. At the beginning of the story, Grete is sympathetic and caring toward Gregor. When Gregor’s metamorphosis into a vermin is ascertained, Grete is the primary caretaker for Gregor. She is the only one who feeds him and at first she completes this task with much love. The story states, “To find out his likes and dislikes, she brought him a wide selection all spread out on an old newspaper” (Part II). This shows how much detail and effort Grete first put into this job. Along with this, she thoroughly cleans his room consistently and she moves Gregor’s chair by the window so he can look out at the street.…

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