Essay about Greek Mythology And The Creation Of Man

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Many religions form many myths. Every religion has unique teachings that it will almost never share in common with another religion. The creation of man is taught in numerous ways and is the foundation of every religion. Greek mythology teachings say that man was created out of dirt and life was breathed into man, Taoism asserts that two natural forces create man, and the Maori myth believes that the G-d of the trees created humans. These myths teach us a lot about their religions, and their outlooks on life. Although these myths may seem to be completely unrelated to each other, they happen to have many similarities.

The Greek Mythology myth of the creation of man has many versions to it. The most common version begins by saying that Prometheus and Epimetheus, two Titans, created man. Prometheus shaped man out of mud, and Athena breathed life into the figure. Epimetheus was assigned the task of giving the creatures of the earth various characteristics, such as speed, flight, fur, and more. By the time that man was created all qualities were already given so there were none left for man. Therefore Prometheus gave the ability to walk upright, and fire to man. When Zeus found about about mankind he ordered that mankind must sacrifice food to him. Being that man was Prometheus’s favorite creation, he tricked Zeus. He created two piles, one with the meat hidden in a hide and the other with bones wrapped in fat . Zeus then chose one of the piles unaware of…

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