Great Gatsby Does the End Justify the Means Essays

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Name: Vikaram Veerapandian
SL 1 Class: 5.07

The Great Gatsby written by F Scott Fitzgerald, is set in the jazz age of the roaring 20s, a highly patriarchal society which was also a period of drastic change, and explored the tension between the newly formed nouveau rich and the then already established aristocratic class, and in turn revealing the critique of Fitzgerald on the apparent lack of social values and morals apparent in the society then. His disapproval of the excesses that was present in the 1920s can be seen in the way he portrays his main protagonist, Jay Gatsby and the eventual demise of Gatsby as he pursues his American dream, through illegal means. Through the portrayal of characters such as Jay Gatsby and Myrtle Wilson,
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He also presents the consequences, through Gatsby eventual death in the end that can arise from pursuing the corrupted American Dream of the time. Through the characterization of Gatsby, Fitzgerald provides a commentary in which he presents Gatsby as an exemplar of the decay of the dream that Franklin proposed and eventually the consequences that it

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