Great Expectations Diction Analysis

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Great Expectations was written by Charles Dickens, and was published in 1861. This story took place in London, in the early to mid 1800’s, and is about an orphan named Pip. Charles Dickens has some memorable scenes in his books that everybody knows him for, some of these scenes can be found in the book Great Expectations, like the introduction of the book, it takes place in a graveyard, and in that scene we also get to know Pip and we learn of his situation. Great Expectations, in particular has a lot of imagery, much like most of the books written by Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens’ intense usage of imagery is what made his book extremely popular, this and the colorful characters he portrays. Because of his style, this book is
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Fortunately, Dickens uses common literary devices, that when analyzed, will make the message of the passage easier to understand. Readers may not know much about the London landmarks that Dickens talks about in this book, but the readers may be familiar with the bible and its passages, and analyzing Charles Dickens´ allusions should make the message easier to conclude. Just because this book is old, and written by a well known author doe not mean that the diction and style used will be difficult to understand. Besides creating allusions in Great Expectations, Charles Dickens also takes a somewhat comedic approach I parts of the book an created hyperboles and the word choice used to create these hyperboles aren´t so prosperous that it would be unclear. Some examples of the authorś use of hyperboles are, ¨Mrs. Joe´s red face¨ and, ¨she might have passed for captive fairy.¨ Obviously, these examples are not literal and are pretty easy to understand. These hyperbole examples also serve as imagery examples the author uses. ¨Mrs. Joe´s red face¨¨and ¨she might have passed for a captive fairy¨ are also in first person which allows the readers to know what Pip is seeing, like Mrs. Joe´s face, or what he is feeling, like the girl who he thinks is so attractive, she looks like a

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