Great Expectations By Charles Dickens Essay

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During the Victorian era, this novel named Great Expectations seeked how the start of a little boy called Pip was manipulated by expecting what is great for his endurance. As that said, the suspenseful factor knowing whether this particular character named Pip achieved his expectations or out seeked what he expected was a frantic resemblance. For instance, in Great Expectations, Charles Dickens explores how this significant character named Pip is developing throughout the novel. His values and goals early in the story are expecting great expectations, the events and experiences that caused this change encapsulates his manipulative decisions, and at the end of the novel his objective wasn’t achieved, but learned a valuable lesson. The way Dickens portrays his style of writing throughout the novel is intended to view the creation of such humor and how it visualizes the narrator as first person. It was a shallow day where Pip goes to Satis house with Pumblechook and visits this lady dressed in white, which is Miss Havisham and as he enters the house he visualizes unusual things. He starts discussing with Miss Havisham and she tells him to call Estella where Pip meets this beautiful girl named Estella and starts playing games. When he leaves he gets deeply thoughts of “that I was a common labouring-boy; that my hands were coarse; that my boots were thick; that I had fallen into a despicable habit of calling knaves Jacks” (68). This intentional thought that Pip seeks…

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