Essay about Great Expectations By Charles Dickens

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Great Expectations was written by Charles Dickens, and was published in 1861. This story took place in London, in the early to mid 1800’s, and is about an orphan named Pip. Charles Dickens has some memorable scenes in his books that everybody knows him for, some of these scenes can be found in the book Great Expectations, like the introduction of the book, it takes place in a graveyard, and in that scene we also get to know Pip and we learn of his situation. Great Expectations, in particular has a lot of imagery, much like most of the books written by Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens’ intense usage of imagery is what made his book extremely popular, this and the colorful characters he portrays. Because of his style, this book is very popular with both readers and literary critics. Great Expectations was so popular that there have been many adaptations of it in different kinds of medias, and it has been translated into many languages so that everyone could enjoy the story of Pip. After Great Expectations, Charles Dickens only wrote one more completed novel. Great Expectations was one of Charles’ only books that are narrated in the first person. He did this in order to more clearly depict the life of Pip the orphan and show how he has grown and developed. A constant theme in this book is wealth and insecurity. In the beginning we find pip a poor orphan, he has no money and no power and he feels insecure about himself and like a convict, he just wants to stay out…

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