Grand Theft Auto V Is A Video Game Designed By Rockstar North

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Grand Theft Auto V is a video game designed by Rockstar North and was released in 2013 to critical acclaim. The game revolves around three protagonists or antagonist (depending on your views) named Franklin, Michael, and Trevor who are all on a mission to succeed in the city of saints, Los Santos, which in itself is a satirical reimagining of modern day Los Angeles. The game starts off with a bank robbery that occurs in the small city of North Yankton. Here you are introduced to Michael, Trevor, and Brad who attempt to escape a barrage of mid-western cops. However, their plan goes sour when Michael and Brad get shot and are presumed dead, forcing Trevor to retreat into the wilderness. The player then gains the knowledge that Michael had set up the whole fiasco in an attempt to escape his life of crime and allow the police to capture his psychotic friend Trevor. Flash forward to 2013 and we are greeted with Franklin Clinton, a man from the hood in his early twenties who wants to be more than just a ‘gangbanger '. He worked for Simeon Yetarian, a corrupt car salesman who sends Franklin and his friend Lamar to ‘repossess ' vehicles for Simeon 's own financial gain. One of these missions, Franklin is sent alone to a mansion in Rockford Hills where a man named ‘Michael De Santa ' lives. His son, Jimmy, had recently bought a car from Simeon and Franklin 's job was to retrieve it. Franklin gains entry to the house and gets into Jimmy 's car and begins to drive back to the…

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