Graduation Speech : My Experience Essay

1139 Words Dec 21st, 2015 null Page
When I first began, I was very nervous. Nervous at both the dim prospects of my grade, and of my writing skills. In previous classes, my writing would often come back to me attached to a rubric marked with notes like “Needs improvement”, “Unclear”, or one of my personal favorites “Have you though about taking an english class?”. For most of my academic life, I always wondered if one day I would become a good writer, and for some time I thought that day would never come. That is, until I began English 131. And as I sit here preparing an essay to describe my experience, I am reminded of just how important this class has been, and will always be to me for many years to come. Not only has this class instilled within me a newfound confidence in my own writing skills, but it has also allowed me to dive deeper into the experiences of my life, and of who I am.

When I first began constructing my portfolio, the first essay was perhaps the most inspiring. For this essay I decide to write on one of the most important moments of my life, my Mom’s death. At first, however, I was dead set on avoiding the final topic, particularly because of the sensitive nature of it, and instead opted for the typical “what I did last summer” piece. However, one night as I sat down in my living room, staring into 4 page paper, a thought hit me. A thought that would change the entire outcome of my writing experience. The thought of being brave. Here I had the opportunity to either go the typical…

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