Graduation Speech At Maharishi University Of Management Essay

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In this world today, there are those who greet the day with zeal and zest, but also those who do so with only ever weary and pessimism. In his commencement speech at Maharishi University of Management, dated May 24th, 2014, Jim Carrey strives to inspire the graduates of class 2014 to go out into the world with vigor and ardor. He speaks with the intention and mindset to praise and extol the graduates, as a commencement speaker generally will. We learn a little bit more about the audience by understanding Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the university’s founder, with his message conveying the purpose of life was the development of happiness, and acknowledgement that everyone possessed the ability to unlock limitless potential( In addition to adding more into the background about the University, Carrey spoke out that Maharishi University was a place for teaching the theory, in which knowledge and experience were necessary for productivity in life. With all of this information, we gain a better understanding on the audience. Also noteworthy, it seems fitting that Carrey was chosen, as he is a prominent professional comedian, genuinely bringing smiles to all. Thus, Carrey was a suitable candidate for talking with this type of audience, whose values were along the lines of positivity and happiness such as, inspiration, productivity, optimism, motivation and such.
Moving onto the beginning of Carrey’s speech, he begins with the basics of greeting valued persons of the…

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