Government Laws And Policies Of The United States Essay

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A government plays a major key role in how a society is maintained over periods of time. In most countries, including the United States, there will be certain civilians who will not agree to specific laws and policies. As a result, protests can form and may even lead to revolutions. Instability and corruption lies within many governments in previous historical records and is still creating turmoil among countries today. Although it is the responsibility of a citizen to abide to the laws and policies of their society, it is appropriate to go against the government when there is a violation of a citizen’s morality, freedom, and safety. Every person has a conscience that creates individuality. In some cases, the government crosses the line and confuses what is right for the citizens with total power. Eventually, those in high positions of power will use the the authority of law to interrupt the morals of an individual. According to Thoreau, respecting a law with immoderation can commonly result in soldiers “marching in admirable order… against their common sense and consciences” (Thoreau). When the citizens are ordered against their will and conscience, total power tends to fall in the hands of governmental jurisdiction and creates instability within society; hence, political movements and protests take action to maintain a healthy relationship between the government and the people. Morality is what makes each person unique and if the freedom of deciding what is right or…

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