Government By Frederick Douglass : Government Is The Way A State, Nation Or Community Is Run

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(Frederick Douglass) What is government? Government is the way a state, nation or community is run. There are countless types of government in the world. There is everything to a totalitarian style to a socialist style. Some governments are extremely strong and controlling while some are very lenient. There are also several governments that fall in between the two extremes. Many great writers have given their diverse views on government and how they believe countries should be ran. For example; Lao-tzu believes in a very socialist government, Machiavelli believes in a totalitarian government, Rousseau believes in a democratic government and Jefferson believes in a democrat-republican government. Each are different in their own way. Not one is quite right and not one is quite wrong either. Frederick Douglass, a famous activist, was born a slave and died a free man. His journey and his story has inspired millions even today. “An abolitionist, writer and orator Frederick Douglass was the most important black American leader of the nineteenth century.” (McFeely) A question frequently asked, is what type of government would he favor and what type of government would the slaveholders favor and what are their personal views. Initially, the ideal political views of Frederick Douglass and slaveholders are quite diverse. Before the civil war, slavery was legal. In today’s world slavery his a national felony. Slave holders were faced with laws trying to outlaw slavery.…

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