Global Warming During The Columbian Exchange Essay

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Throughout time, individuals have attempted to benefit society in numerous ways, although many of those situations result in negative effects as well. Deforestation during the Columbian Exchange, for example, involved the Americas removing tress faster than they can replace them in order to support European mercantilism and overall trade, therefore negatively impacting their environment. Even in our contemporary day, individuals are removing trees in order to create open-land to construct numerous structures and benefit society, therefore leading to global warming, which ultimately pessimistically impacts one’s life. Likewise, in the early 1800s, during the era of the Industrial Revolution, a myriad of technological innovations was made by society as a result of increasing population. New inventions made the lives of individuals more leisurely, as machines required a diminutive amount of labor and benefitted society economically through the increased production of goods and trade. England became a world power as they were technologically superior. The working class during the Industrial Revolution, however encountered numerous obstacles, as they were required to thrive under septic and overpopulated conditions, which negatively impacted their well-being, causing them to form work unions. Therefore, the Industrial Revolution possessed both negative and positive aspects in Europe.

Initially, individuals who produced clothing were required to spend a large quantity of time in…

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