Essay on Global Pollution Is A Big Problem

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Global pollution is a big problem when it comes to any type of life. The climate change or the emission put into the air or water cause huge problems to all walks of life. People get sick, animals are dieing off, and habitats are shrinking. A big problem that comes from global pollution and warming happens in the seas and effects many of the marine wildlife. One of the things that can help reduce the rate and effect of emission is to lower the amount to greenhouse gases in the air.
Coral reefs are at the heart of the sea. They are a critical to some of species that live in the ocean. They use the coral to find sources of food and shelter which in return supports the commercial fishing used to feed people all around the world. They also are a natural border that breaks down storm surges that could happen at any time. Coral reefs even help coastal states make money by generating revenue from tourists (Global Warming and Coral Reefs).
Many people are unaware of what the effect of global warming has on things such as the coral reefs. When the temperatures rise due to global warming, the coral reefs become bleached and infectious diseases are passed between the whole community of them. Bleaching of the coral means that when the temperatures rise, the coral becomes bleached or white in color due to the temperatures killing off the colorful algae that live within them. Carbon emission that is absorbed by the ocean can end up reducing the amount of calcification rates in reef…

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