Global Citizenship And The Protection Of Human Rights Essay

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What connections can be drawn between ‘global citizenship’, social justice and/or the protection of human rights?
Discuss this question with reference to one or more contemporary issues: citizenship; migration; asylum seekers; terrorism; the activities of multinational corporations. A global citizen exists by identifying themselves as a part of a world community and social order known as the ‘World Citizen Movement’ or ‘Alter-Mundialization’, with their actions contributing to the world community’s morals and ethics. The notion of ‘global citizenship’ is based on a single being whose individuality exceeds beyond geographical or political borders and that the universal human community is symbiotic and complete as, humankind is fundamentally one. Whilst a global citizen belongs to a world community, it is important that there be connections between social justice and the protection of human rights. Whether these connections be acknowledged and accredited in contemporary issues such as: migration, asylum seekers and terrorism; it is vital that these connections be made as there are similarities shared between ‘global citizenship’, ‘social justice’ and ‘protection of human rights’.

‘Global Citizenship’ is used both in education and political philosophy, due to its concept illustrating an interaction between all of humankind. "It could be argued that the notion of ‘global citizenship’ is simply a metaphor, a linguistic fancy which deliberately transposes a…

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