Gilgamesh, Persepolis and Hamlet: Exam Paper

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The following are the pool from which the three (3) questions on your Midterm Exam will be culled. As explained in the syllabus you are required to keep exam journals for the Gilgamesh, Persepolis and Hamlet readings, based on the separate questions listed on Blackboard for each text. You may use your Exam Journals together with your completed Freud Vocabulary when you take the Midterm Exam
1. Both Ophelia and Marjane experience bouts of deep depression. In what ways are the conditions that contribute to their respective depressions similar and how do they differ? What, other than the difference in their temperaments, might account for each responded to her sorrows?
What events led to each young woman’s
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How did each try to avoid dealing with those conditions?
How did each try to accommodate their behaviors to those conditions?
What actions did each take to try and correct the wrongs they perceived?

6. Describe the advantages and challenges that Gilgamesh, Marjane and Hamlet each experienced as a result of living the dynamics of a “Dual Identity?” What ways might their experiences been similar and how did they differ
What conditions drove each to assume a dual identity?
What were the natures of their respective dual identities?
What did their respective dual identities allow them to do and what toll did it place on them?
7. Freud observed that ancient mythology ascribes to oracles and the gods effects that he claims are manifestations of the unconscious (eg. Parapraxes and Dreams). Citing examples based on your reading of Hamlet and Gilgamesh do you agree or disagree with his claim?
Might specific instances of dreams and parapraxes represent manifestations of Gil’s unconscious?
Might the Ghost and his reaction to Yorik’s skull represent manifestations of Hamlet’s unconscious?

8. In Gilgamesh sex plays a civilizing function. Freud claims that our sexual urges constantly threaten civilization. What are the pros and cons of each position and can they be reconciled?
After Shamhat has sex with Enkidu the animals reject him. In what ways does heterosexual coupling lead to greater civilization?
In what ways does

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