Gikuyu Ceremony In The Philippines

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He was then instructed to take seven sips of the mixture from the banana stalk, seven small bites of the thorax, prick the dead goats eyes and insert a piece of reed into the seven holes of the ngata. Everything was done in a set of seven. Then the administrator had him take a bite of sugar cane, poured cold water over his feet and made a cross on his forehead with the blood and grain mixture. At the end, the spectators took hold of the skin ring around his neck, counting to seven, they all pulled breaking the ring and saying “May you be destroyed like this ring if you violate any of these vows!” Afterwards, he gathered in the room next door waiting till midnight. At the end of the night a total of fifty people or so took the oath. They were …show more content…
To understand the Kikuyus bond by oaths one must know the history of the people. The Kikuyu people believe they are descendents of Gikuyu and Mumbi, and created by Ngai, their god. Prior to British colonization, oath taking had always been a large part of Kikuyu tradition,“First warriorhood, followed by marriage, and then made eligible for the lowest grade of elder.” Kikuyu, only males, would then take an oath at every stage up the hierarchy scale to eldership. Every oath required a fee, this made the Kikuyu society fractured by wealth. Battle oaths were used to bind warriors together during battle, they also stopped with the British, “the Gikuyu and Maasai stopped raiding each other there was no need for battle oaths.” With European civilization emerging in parts of Kenya, Africans joined Christianity in hopes of learning the powers of the white people, “ When the white man came to Africa he had the Bible and the black man had the land. The White man said, ‘let us close our eyes to pray.’ And when they opened their eyes, the white man had the land and the black man was left with the Bible.” With Africans leaving their religion of their forefathers they forgot the power behind

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