Essay on Gift Giver, By Harper Lee

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Gifts can come in many different forms and have many different effects. It is not only a physical gift that can be given, but a gift of friendship, acceptance, or other things of this nature can be shared and have a greater impact than physical items. A gift can contradict the receiver’s original perspective of one’s character or personality for better or for worse, and this contradiction can spawn a new view of the gift-giver. Gifts given in Harper Lee 's To Kill a Mockingbird have properties of both physical and emotional meaning, and the characters use these gifts to create a new view for themselves, new relationships, and crucial developments in the plot of the novel that drive the story and allow the plot to advance.
Perspective, or how one sees something or someone, is a theme in To Kill a Mockingbird that is easily altered by gift-giving. Atticus Finch tells Scout that “you don’t really understand someone until you consider things from their point of view” (39). She takes this advice seriously, as she does everything she hears from Atticus and it proves to be true in many cases. For example, Dolphus Raymond is a character who is generally judged by the county because he married and had children with a black woman and seemed to be a drunk. The county did not however try to know him or understand him. They only based their judgement on their assumptions. Dolphus reveals to Scout and Dill that he is not a drunk and that he just prefers blacks over whites.…

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