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Ghana is the first west African country to get independence. The legacy left by the British was civilization and its was to an extent Ghana was doing great, eliminated the bad leaders from the government which was the right choice and the economy of Ghana grew well. Few years later, Ghana began to get corrupted, there was no progress in their economy, she was getting poor, owing a lot of debts as a result of bad leadership.

Ghana is well endowed with natural resources, chiefly gold, silver, iron, manganese ore, bauxite, and diamonds. Minor resources include petroleum, natural gas, beryl, tantalite-columbite, and chromite ( ' 'Ghana" Funk). Ghana’s endowment have played an important role in the agricultural, industrial, economic and social
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These nomadic tribes ("Ghana" Junior). This tells us that ghanaians maintain their cultural dignity and honor as a nomadic tribe. And it an important breakthrough in early human prehistory.

The first contact between Europe and the Gold Coast dates from 1470, when a party of Portuguese landed there. For the next three centuries, the English, Danes, Dutch, Germans, and Portuguese controlled various parts of the coastal areas. ( 'Ghana" UXL). At first, the European were interested in Ghana’s natural resources. The demand for slaves in America suddenly expanded, trade in slaves soon overshadowed gold as the major export of the area.

In 1821 the British government took control of the trading forts on the Gold Coast. In 1844 Fanti chiefs in the area signed an agreement with the British (“Ghana” UXL). These is the era of British rule in Ghana after challenging the Europe invader lose to the British. The agreement signed by the Fanti chief gave the British the power to control the Ashanti
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A major feature of the country 's geography is the Volta Lake, the world 's largest man-made lake (8,900 square kilometers) (“Ghana” Cities). Geographically Ghana is about the size of Oregon; one of the states in United State. Lake Volta is the major source of hydroelectric power for the country. And is important for transportation, providing a waterway for both ferries and cargo watercraft. The major feature of Ghana is the Volta lake, a great place for tourist attraction and a good source of income for the bad leader.

A Ghanaian author, Aidoo Ama Ata, is pointing out the lifestyles of females in Ghana and corruption among the politicians, and the involvement of the military. I bet the coup could have succeeded on your prayers alone. I am grateful to whatever forces there are which put a stop to that (Aidoo Ama Ata”Two Sisters). Coup was a way or method in which the military take over power of the government. The first coup that took place make people to see this as a new direction in Ghana’s politics and

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