Germany During World War Two Essay

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Throughout World War Two, Germany participated in wars against various countries with intentions of conquering living space for Germany. When Germany went to war against Poland, Germany created the General Government. The General Government was a territory in the countries of Poland and the Ukraine that Hitler had set up after Germany invaded and occupied Poland. The land was then broken up into three different areas, one area being the General Government. The General Government even though located in Poland was run by Nazi Germany. This allowed for Hitler and Germany to start gaining other territories as their own and led to the start of their global domination. Once Germany had defeated Poland and set up the General Government, Germany worked to set up ghettos in Poland. The ghettos would be located in the Western part of Poland and the rest of Poland would be considered living space for the Germans. In the section that was designated for the Jews they were fenced off from the rest of the individuals living in Poland. The ghetto locations were set up in the cities and the towns that the Jews already were living in. Jews that were not in the ghettos were transported to the ghettos to free up the living space for the Germans and other non-Jews. Therefore having all of the Jews in one place allowed for the Germans to have majority of the Jews under German control. This defeat of Poland to the Germans affected the Holocaust and World War Two in opening up opportunities for the…

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