Essay on Germany And The German National Football Team

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Germany is a land holding a multitude of cultures within itself. The modern history of Germany has been shaped by great feats of wise men but also left a stain and tarnish on the people of Germany and the world. But from the ashes, Germany has risen up like the mythical phoenix and has become one of the leading culture fusion nations in Europe. The country of Germany is a rich sports nation with their major following being their national football team. The German national football team is a melting pot of culture and history but to get to the point they are at now, they went through many tests, struggles, and miracles to achieve a level of ethnic diversity nirvana.
Udo Merkel (2014) in his report of the German football culture in the new millennium states:
Germany sent its most ethnically diverse team ever to Poland and Ukraine to compete in Euro 2012. Over the last six years, the Germany manager, Joachim Löw, has not only revitalized and rejuvenated his squad but also included a considerable number of players with foreign roots and from ethnic minorities. This ethnic and cultural diversity of the current German national side is the result of some major policy changes in the country at the turn of the millennium that made it easier for immigrants and their offspring to gain citizenship. In comparison with other European nations, it is not a reflection of a colonial history but a model of contemporary German society. Both the 2006 and 2010 Soccer World Cups and Euro…

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