Georgia Is A Beautiful Place Essay

892 Words Oct 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Georgia is a beautiful place. There are tall trees, beautiful flowers, and clean air where I live. Friendly faces that say “Hello” when you walk by. Of Course, it 's not perfect but compared to where I used to live it 's a safe haven in its own way. I 'd like to go into detail about where I lived and how it 's different from where I am now. Georgia in a way shaped how I am today changing my attitude from not really putting in consideration to what others feel about trying not to offend people because I realized they have feelings too. So to understand how I am first you’re going to need to get a feel of where I used to be and where I came from.
“The City that never sleeps” ”The Big Apple” ”The city where dreams happen” these are only some of the things New York is called but I like to call it the place I grew up most of my life. Where I live now is significantly different than where I grew up in many ways People who want to visit New York or have never been imagining it as some Perfect place where you can meet famous people, see the lights, and maybe even become famous yourself and then when they get there some are disappointed or sadly misled. Yeah the lights are beautiful and there 's a famous person possibly around every corner but above all that there are the “New Yorkers”. The people who pronounce BUD-uh instead of Butter and water like WA-tta not that there 's anything wrong with that, to me at least but they are significantly ruder than most. New York for me was…

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