George Orwell 's ' Fahrenheit 451 ' Essay

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“If we do not end war, war will end us,” (Wells). This quote is explaining the consequences of the war. It demonstrates how if the people in society do not make an effort to stop the war, then the war will begin to ruin everything. At the end of Fahrenheit 451, the city was bombed and no one knew what to do because they were unprepared for the war that was soon to brew. On the other hand, in Enemies Within, the war was occurring and unlike the people in Fahrenheit 451, they were more prepared for the war that they were expecting. In both the book and speech, there are parts that show dystopian characteristics. These include government control, fear in citizens, and technology taking over individual citizens without them recognizing the terrible effects. In both Fahrenheit 451 and Enemies Within, the people show fear for their society. “Today we can almost physically hear the rumblings of the invigorated God of war,” (McCarthy). The reality scared people and made them understand that there was going to be another war. Fear is present when talking about war because they have experienced the horrible aftermath. In Fahrenheit 451, they are very naive and do not know how to act in danger of war. “A bomber fight had been moving East all the time they talked, and only now did the two men stop to listen, feeling the great jet sound tremble inside,” (Bradbury 83). They realized that they were under attack and did not know what to do so they listened to the jet sounds flying over…

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