Geoffrey Chaucer 's The Prioress 's Tale Essay example

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Why is it that throughout the many workings and periods of literature, stereotypes are generally portrayed? Is it because of the reportorial and consistent categorizations that occur through various time spans, or is it just a simple, innocent generalization? In Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Prioress’s Tale, this story constitutes many classical and positive Christian morals/lessons. In contradiction to this, the idea of negative stereotyping is the central view in which Jews are presented as being nasty, vicious and immoral people whom nobody desires to associate themselves with. The medieval times in which Chaucer lived in were full of stories exemplifying conflicts between Judaism and Christianity. During this time, there was a grown form of religious rivalries between the two. Chaucer utilizes The Prioress’s Tale as a commentary on the anti-Semitic culture of the churches through an allusion to a story about a Christian cleric. Through close reading, symbols, apostrophe, tone and use of particular words/figurative language, it is evident that both Jews and Christians are greatly stereotyped within the lines of this text. Anti-Semitism is a main theme portrayed throughout The Prioress’s Tale. This hostility was not primarily introduced here; it has been going on as a valuable component to history. From the beginning of the Christian era, there has always been a form of rivalry between the Jews and Christians. The Jews considered themselves to be God 's only chosen people.…

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