`` Genocide Of The Mind `` By Marijo Moore Essay

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In recent times, many academic scholars and researchers have given great attention to the breakdown of the Native American culture. Ancient traditions that were once part of everyday life is slowly fading away for many amongst this group of people as a result of acculturation and assimilation. This paper seeks to explore the book, “Genocide of the Mind,” written by, Marijo Moore, in order to gain a better understanding of the genocide of Native American identity. This paper will also explore the hardships and challenges that Native Americans endured in the past and still continue to face today as a minority group in America. Today, many people have very little knowledge regarding Native Americans and their existing tribes within the United States. However, within the last ten years, steps have been taken to give a more accurate account of the history of Native Americans and their cultures. Historically, Native Americans have been victimized and have endured extreme suffering since the beginning of contact with European settlers.
At first, Native Americans and European settlers were peaceful and civil towards each other and for the most part stayed to themselves(source?). At times, they even exchanged various goods with each other. Native Americans gave the Europeans things such as different fruits, vegetables, water and gifts. They also shared important methods for the settlers to learn how to survive and work the land. While, the Europeans brought with them swords and…

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