Essay about Genie Was At A Far Greater Disadvantage By Helen Keller

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From the beginning, Genie was at a far greater disadvantage than Helen Keller. Genie endured a decade of severe abuse, neglect and social isolation. While their situations are both similar, their life experiences are what made their paths to discovering language very different. Genie had to learn how to trust and form relationships before she could embark on her journey. She would have to overcome her life experiences to progress forward. After Genie was found and went through the process of learning language with therapists, psychologists and etc., she was put in foster care a few times. At one point she was disciplined for throwing up. This caused her to not want to open her mouth, in fear of throwing up and getting in trouble. This is an example of a life experience she would have to overcome. After she is able to get past them, then is she able to fully understand what is means to be human. Genie’s case showed the importance of language for becoming/being human. While it seems silly to argue that Genie is not human, because biologically she seems like she is, but her inability to understand language is crucial to her survival in society. Without the ability to understand language, Genie would not be able to function successfully on her own in the real world. Genie’s life experiences before acquiring language would be terrifying to the point where she would not be able to contextualize anything going on. She would have had all these life experiences bottled up in her…

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