Essay Genie Is Considered A Feral Child

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1) Genie is considered a feral child. That means that she has lived most of her childhood in severe isolation from people. She was isolated from a lot of human interaction as a result from abuse and her father not liking loud noises. This meant that Genie spent most of her childhood sitting for long periods of time and only had interaction with her mother when it was feeding time. Genie was discovered at the age of 13. Genie is a special case for the field of speech-language pathology because she is the oldest feral child found in recent history. Genie was past the age of most normal developing children. She had not acquired language through interaction with others or being immersed in an environment where she was speaking. So for her to learn language would be a test to many to see if one could acquire such knowledge after the critical age period of which the brain has localized functions for each hemisphere
2) Genie was the eldest feral child in modern times. She was at the pubescent stage in life and having to start over and acquire language like normal developing children would. Some scientists think that after a certain age a language user would not be able to command the first language or its grammatical systems. Genie serves as a person who is way past the period of language acquisition and we can see does she develop right with or close to typical children or does she deviate what we call normal language learning.
3) The purpose of this article was to detail…

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