Analysis Of Genie 'Living Proof Of Human Resiliency'

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The statement “Genie is living proof of human resiliency” is true because she survived everything she went through. Genie lived in in nearly total isolation until she was 13. She spent most of her time naked, retrained to a potty seat only being able to move her hands and feet day after day. The article states, “At night she was put into a straightjacket and caged in a crib that had wire mesh sides and an overhead.” She also wasn’t fed a lot weighing only 59 pounds. Genie overcoming all of this and being able to acquire some language after being unsocialized for all those years is why she is living proof of human resiliency.
One indication of Genie’s humanity is her gift to acquire language. Language is one thing that separates humans from animals. She learned to recognize hundreds of words. She first spoke in one-word utterances then began to speak putting two and occasionally three words together. She even became enrolled in elementary school for handicapped children and high school for the mentally retarded which indicates her humanity. Genie’s curiosity is also an indication of her humanity. When she went to the supermarket, she walked around the store and examined the meats and plastic
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She was isolated most of her life with no interaction. She was unable to use his processes known as assimilation and accommodation because she had no experiences with any existing schemes. In the article it said that Genie scored at the level of a 1 year old so Piaget would put her in the sensorimotor stage of cognitive development even though she is over the age of 2. He would also emphasize on her missing out on discovery learning. He believed that discovery learning should be a child-initiated and child-directed effort. Although Genie got help when she was older, it was by professionals, not people her

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