Genetically : Genetically Modified Organisms Essay example

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Will Bantle
Mrs. Jardine
20 April 2016
English 3, Period 3
Genetically Modifying Our Future
A Genetically Modified Organisms is the result of the process in which desired genes are transferred from one organism to another with the intention of creating a plant or animal with those specific traits. With the recent development and spike in the use of GMOs, many people are hopeful that this process of genetic modification will become a stable source of food for the world. The ability to switch and modify genes makes growing plants in harsh or non-ideal environments possible. Genetically Modified Organisms have some possible health risks, however, the positive results and possibilities of genetically modified foods heavily outweigh the negative effects. Throughout history, farmers have attempted to create the plants with the traits they desire by replanting the seeds from only the crops with the culinarily beneficial characteristics. As soon as the idea of scientific modification and the introduction of new genes within each organism arose, many false and unproven speculations came about and were publicized relentlessly without any demonstrable evidence. Brody in her article in the New York Times asserts that, “The concern that introducing genes from different species is unnatural and potentially dangerous ignores the fact that all living organisms, including humans, share thousands, even millions of genes with other species we share 84 percent of our genes with dogs!” The…

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