Genetic Testing : What It Means Today Essay

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Lucas, Beverly D., Ellen Wright Clayton, Bruce R. Korf, and Susan Richards. "Genetic Testing: What It Means Today." Patient Care (1998): 70-79. 15 Nov. 1998. Web. 9 Nov. 2016. This article has a very strong argument on what happens psychologically after a genetic test has taken place. In Lucas D. Beverly, Ellen Wright Clayton, Bruce R. Korf, and Susan Richards article “Genetic testing: What it means today” they talk about how psychiatrist 's help patients through their process of the very eye opening test that may give a person psychological problems. Pretest counseling is used to get the patient ready for any results that may come from their genetic test. Then after the test gets its results back, a posttest counseling session takes place to go over the risks of the results and how the patient can better their life with their results. Their article was in the Patient Care journal which is a very understanding, credible journal in which focuses its audience on people who do not know a lot of information on genetic testing. The journal is made for patients’ concerns about what psychologically can happen after the test is taken place and what help can be given. Overall, this article is made for people that are interested in getting genetically tested and would just like to get more information on the effects of the tests. This was one of the last articles I found for my “Researched Opinion” essay for a benefit of genetic testing. When I started doing my research on this…

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