Genetic Testing Should Not Be A Controversial Essay

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The idea of being able to read an individual’s genome via genetic testing has become very controversial. Genetic testing is a relatively new medical breakthrough that can give predispositions or possible genetic abnormalities with a simple blood test or swab of a cheek. These tests range from prenatal, to newborns, to adults. Some tests are done out of curiosity, and others are advised by medical professionals due to family or background history of a particular condition. Many people have strong opinions about the ethical side of these tests and screenings. Genetic testing should not be used to diagnose nor make medical decisions because it is not accurate and invades privacy, and creates emotional stress upon results.
Genetic testing often invades the privacy of the customer, and provides them with unclear results that have not been proven accurate with the current technology. Upon birth, all newborns are genetically screened for common abnormalities. In many cases the mother of the child does not need to give consent and is unaware that her baby is being tested. Parents are also not informed of what to do if the results with any abnormalities come back positive. Both screenings at a hospital and at home genetic tests invade the customer’s privacy, even if their intention is not to do so. Since at home tests are accessible and easy to do, many people and expecting mothers are persuaded into taking the test. Whether the results come back normal or not, they cannot yet give…

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