Essay on Genetic Engineering : Genetically Modified Foods

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Genetic engineering has been prevalent in society for hundreds of years, but most people just aren’t aware of how tremendous of an impact it has on people’s daily lives. Most of the produce that is sold in supermarkets has been genetically modified so much that it does not resemble an unmodified version of the same fruit or vegetable. Similarly, manipulating genetically modified bacteria into providing the needed insulin produces the insulin that diabetics take to regulate their blood sugar. Because both of these examples have more benefits that outweigh the negative sides of genetic manipulation, there is not much controversy. There is little to no harm to the original product, and the consumer does not suffer from any severe consequences after the original has been modified. However, once the idea of genetic manipulation on humans is suggested, it is immediately disregarded and deemed as unnatural. Similar to examples such as genetically modified foods and medicines, genetically modified humans could possibly have their DNA tampered with to remove harmful and potentially life-threatening diseases, much as produce has been modified to protect them from invasive insects. Genetically modifying humans could further help to advance society by ensuring protection from harmful diseases that were once uncontrollable, if support is granted by society.
The ways that genetic engineering could and are benefiting the economy are endless in industries, such as human health, food, and…

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