General Mark W. Clark Essay

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General Mark W. Clark was the youngest general in the Army. He served in WWI as well as WWII. Prior to the United States getting involved in WWII Clark was awarded the brigadier general title. In 1942 he wore several hats during the early years of the war. His previous experience in the military allowed him to be the commanding general of the United States Fifth Army. His task at hand was to train these soldiers for the upcoming attack on Italy and this Italian invasion was named ‘Operation Avalanche’. Some historians cite poor planning may be the cause of his failure when he landed in Salerno, Italy. Also he would be criticized for his attack on the Abbey of Monte Cassino. However it was his senior officers who gave the order for the bombing. After the Battle of the Winterline, evidence uncovered suggested his ego would be stroked when he conquered Italy. His job and those of his soldiers was to clear the fault line where the Germans were position, however he failed to do so. Therefore many claimed he was insubordinate and irresponsible. Many also felt he was hampered by a group of soldiers who had little experience as well as the controversy that swirled over the war strategy. After the invasion of Italy Clark became a commander of the Allied ground troops in Italy. His command was called the 15th Army group and a year later he was promoted to general. The landing at Salerno was a testing time for Clark and he was overwhelmed at the time. After he took time…

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