Gene Therapy : A New Frontier At The Forefront Of Biological Science

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Treatments that alter someone’s genes, are the best way to cure genetic disorders, without a doubt! As a wise biology teacher once said, “Your generation is lucky! With all the new scientific discoveries coming out daily there are still new things to be discovered.” This field is undoubtedly included in that statement. Gene therapy is a new frontier at the forefront of biological science. It works by first selecting the chosen gene you wish to modify. Then creating a virus known as a vector virus. This virus is a beneficial, artificially made microbe which it’s only purpose is to spread the new modified DNA. (Mayo Clinic 2013) This method of gene modification is known as gene therapy, and it’s success is always growing!

Gene therapy has had amounted success within the last few years and has conquered several diseases. Gene therapy has had success over skin and blood cancers, leukemia, Parkinson 's disease, and hereditary blindness on top of many others. (US NLM 2015) The treatment, called T-VEC, which is a process used to cure certain types of skin cancers, uses a virus that has been genetically modified so that it will kill only cancer cells, not healthy ones, and the virus will make signals that attract the patient 's own immune cells to the cancer cells, helping them learn to recognize and fight cancer cells throughout the body. The virus is injected directly into the patient 's tumors. It replicates inside the cancer cells until they burst, which releases more viruses…

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